Using the Project description in Tableau Server to hold administrative fields

This post describes how we can store data in the Tableau Server Project description.

Tableau Server allows for a description to be added to each Project container. This will be visible by the users and should explain the purpose of the dashboards in the Project. This description field can also be used to hold bespoke data.

As the description will be stored in Tableau Server’s PostgreSQL repository database we can report on the bespoke data by connecting to the PostgreSQL repository database. This is described in my earlier post.

The Project’s ‘About’ text box is free text and will be used to hold our bespoke data fields which will be enclosed by tags. In the following example I will create three fields which will encode the Project’s Project owner, Access approver and Data quality contact:


In Tableau Desktop we need to make a connect to the PostgreSQL repository database as described previously. The field we require is stored in the ‘projects’ table. Using Tableau Desktop we can see that the ‘description’ field holds the data we want to report on. To use the Project, Access and Data contacts we stored earlier we must create calculated fields.

The formula required to extract the fields (using Project Owner as an example) is as follows:



We can now build a cross tab showing the data we are interested in: