Performance of teams newly promoted to the English Premier League

How many team promoted to the English Premier League survive their first season?

Over the last 15 seasons 57% of teams promoted to the English Premier League have managed to earn enough points to survive their first season.  Since the Premier League started in 1995 the number of points required to stay up has been as few as 34 and as high as 44.  Overall the trend for the minimum required points has fallen.

This chart shows how may points were required to survive in each season along with a line showing the trend:


Points to stay up in the Premier League













Due to the huge amounts of cash on offer next season there is more incentive than ever to stay up.  So with only 12 games to go which of the new teams will survive?  Watford have been consistent and are closer to a European spot than relegation.  Even with an awful injury list Bournemouth are just keeping a slim gap between themselves and 18th place but Norwich appear to be on the slide:

This dashboard was designed in Tableau Desktop.  The EPL data was sourced from which is a great resource but it took some effort to get it in the correct format for my dashboard.