Connecting to Tableau Server’s PostgreSQL repository database

Tableau Server uses a PostgreSQL database called ‘workgroup’ as its repository.  This guide will explain how we can connect Tableau Desktop to this repository.

Tableau Server is installed with a host of pre-built dashboards which read from the PostgreSQL database.  If these dashboards do not display the data we are interested in then we can create our own.

Before connecting Tableau Desktop to ‘workgroup’ we first need to download and install the PostgreSQL driver available here.  Note: this will be included in Desktop by default in 9.3 and later.

Open a new Tableau Desktop workbook and open the PostgreSQL connector.  In the connection settings you will need to supply the database details relevant to your organisation. For our purposes the ‘readonly’ account will be used:













A live connection will be established and you can start to join whichever tables you want to report on:


The tables store usage statistics and lists of all objects (Sites, Workbooks, Users, Subscriptions etc). When we review the list of tables available you should note that those prefixed with ‘_’ are actually views and those prefixed with ‘hist_’ list historical events on the server.

The live connection works well but it is recommended that you create an extract of the dataset you want to work with.

Tableau have recently published the data dictionary for the ‘workgroup’ database available here.