How to connect Tableau Desktop to a SharePoint List

Tableau Desktop can connect to SharePoint lists using the pre-packed oData connector. It is important to note that connecting using oData does not give a live connection.  Any connection Tableau makes to SharePoint using this method will result in a local extract being created and simply refreshing the connection will not result in an updated dataset being returned.

Before we connect to a SharePoint list we need to understand how the SharePoint URL is structured.  This will enable us to know how to define the correct connection string.  In a browser open the list that you want to report on in Tableau and make a note of the URL.  This will be structured as:



Using the structure of the list we’ve just looked at and adding “/_vti_bin/ListData.svc” as a suffix we can build the following URL which will catalogue all SharePoint lists within the sub site:



Suffixing the name of the list on to the catalogue address, above, will give the URL we enter in the Tableau data connection:



To connect to this list in Tableau Desktop you will need to:

Connect to Data > More Servers… >   oData

Then enter the URL we identified above into the Server field and click OK.

Tableau oData Connector














Tableau will then connect to the SharePoint list and a create a local extract.